CosMc’s lands with out-of-this-world customer experience.

As CosMc’s, a new beverage-led, alien-inspired restaurant concept from McDonald’s, lands in Dallas with several new stores, we’re thrilled to announce C Space’s involvement in creating the experience with actual QSR customers.

CosMc's by McDonald's Logo
BOLLINGBROOK, April 18, 2024

For the past nine years, C Space has been McDonald’s trusted partner for primary consumer and employee insights. Each week, we lead fast, impact-focused research in several private Online Communities, as well as in custom research outside the Communities. Our ongoing partnership and C Space’s expertise in online and real-world insights, including Digital and User Experience (UX), led CosMc’s to recruit our team to pressure test the new concept with real QSR customers.

Earthlings flock to the site to test CosMc’s concepts.

Through six days of in-person and in-vehicle usability testing (three locations, two days each), C Space recruited and led customers to test and try to break (!) everything related to CosMc’s customer experience: lane choices, menu boards, ordering systems, payment, signage, wayfinding, mobile app ordering, kiosk, crew interactions and more. 

It was the type of work that C Space excels at – working fast, with the ability to act on insights quickly. We love the hustle of well-designed fieldwork, using a range of learning approaches to get the most from customers to drive innovation. And best of all, C Space was supporting a cutting-edge CosMc’s core team and technology vendors with testing, learning and refining in real time! 

Led by C Space’s Robbi Shamlian, Head of UX, and Alan Moskowitz, VP of Retail, our intrepid team:

  • Jumped in and out of every vehicle type (mounted with dash cams) to see the CosMc’s experience through customers’ eyes.
  • Led 6-8 groups per day with 3-5 rounds of drive-thru testing per group.
  • Created and administered post-test mobile surveys.
  • Moderated in-field group ideation sessions.
  • Debriefed with the CosMc’s team and vendors to share vital pain points and opportunities and quickly solve for the first store launch in Bollingbrook, IL!
C Space UX team perfects customer experience for CosMc's

What it takes to perfect the mood-boost experience.

  • C Space’s UX philosophy is that designing experiences with customers is best. We brought QSR customers to the new CosMc’s experience to ensure it was customer-tested and customer-inspired at every touchpoint.
  • The work let C Space shine in many ways: objectives-focused research design, UX testing, in-person moderation, focus groups, in-the-moment mobile surveys, integrated customer video and above all, quali-quant analysis to drive actionable insights for immediate impact.

To ensure CosMc’s thrives on the inside too, C Space powers a private Online Community of internal Explorers and Captains (CosMc’s employees). 

Why C Space Online Communities.

  • C Space runs private, password-protected online spaces where a client’s target audience is carefully recruited to participate in a wide range of custom quali-quant research.
  • Unlike a panel, C Space Online Communities are moderated by C Space team members to build engagement with consumers. We view and treat these Community Members as “consultants to the brand” sponsoring the community. (Note that some C Space Online Communities are unbranded.)
  • C Space Online Communities are the starting point for a wide range of research approaches to meet clients’ key business objectives and drive growth.

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