The Customer Experience Code (CXC).

The best customer experiences, according to customers.

Ignoring customer emotion means missing opportunity.

Customers – the humans who buy stuff – think and feel in different ways than the companies who make stuff.

Companies want to know how to sell more, build more, engage more, list more or position more. Customers on the other hand, want to know how they’ll look, how they’ll feel, what they’ll get and what others will think of them.

Traditional research has focused solely on functional elements of the customer experience ignoring a customer’s emotional experience.

That’s because measuring things like emotion and perspective is far from straight-forward, and requires a deep understanding of the types of intangible experiences that are important indicators of Lifetime Value (LTV). 

When companies DO deliver on these important, intangible benefits, customers reward them with trust, loyalty, and good will – a significant competitive advantage in today’s relationship economy.


The Customer Experience Code (CXC) can identify & measure the unique intangible aspects of your brand experience that matter most to your most loyal customers.

Our Customer Experience framework (CXC) proves that companies with stronger relationships out-perform their competition.

Validated and benchmarked across 8 years of research – 150,000 consumers rating over 1,000 companies representing 18 industries – our  CXC System can  identify your brand’s unique emotional opportunity areas to drive a tangible increase in brand relevance.

Through our Customer Lifetime Value modeling, we’re able to identify the customer segments with the greatest growth potential over time, and help you make informed investment decisions to maximize growth and minimize risk.

Stronger relationships result in stronger brands.

Our clients understand short term relevance drives long term endurance.

Relevant brands endure and grow because they have a strong presence; they’re more trusted; and they build much stronger affinity with their customers, over time.

These companies build and maintain stronger relationships.

What’s your brand’s customer relationship status? Take our CXC Diagnostic to find out.

Enter Relationship Thinking.

The premise is simple: invest in relationships, they’re your best source of competitive advantage in the 21st Century. Brands that successfully build meaningful relationships with customers stay relevant longer, have higher customer retention (CLTV) and experience more organic growth.


Measuring what matters to customers. 

95,000+ customers and 8+ years of research show that measuring emotional aspects of customer experience is the key to unlocking Net Promoter Score (NPS).