Inclusive Insights Advisory.

The U.S. population is diversifying, which means our research practices need to shift to ensure we’re hearing all voices.

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Inclusive Insights Advisory.

Achieving brand relevance requires an inclusive approach.

To help brands remain competitive, insights leaders need to approach every step of the research process with a DEI lens. It’s not just who you’re talking to, but what you ask and how you phrase the question, as well as the answer options you provide. Even the methods you use to collect data must be considered.

Marketplace and industry disruptions are proving that it was never enough to market to the perceived majority. And now, with Gen Z being majority non-white and 20% identifying as LGBTQIA+, current research and marketing practices will become less and less relevant.

If you’re unsure where to start or how to create buy-in across your team and/or organization, C Space can help with our Inclusive Insights Advisory product.

Best-in-class market research ensures all voices are heard.

To deliver insights that are representative of the U.S. market, our research approach has to change. On top of that, today’s consumers expect personalization and customization like never before – products and services that meet their unique needs and align with their identity, lifestyle and abilities.

By applying a DEI lens to insights and raising the voices of consumers we’ve deprioritized for so long, companies can expect entirely new avenues of revenue:

  1. Products that more people can use
  2. Identifying unmet needs for new products and services 
  3. Early feedback loops on concepts that miss the mark

At C Space, we’re committed to helping our clients adopt inclusive research practices to maximize relevancy and growth.

That’s why we developed our Inclusive Insights Advisory product to:


Assess where your team is on the path to more inclusive insights


Share best practices and outline an action plan


Ensure you have ongoing support in meeting goals

Ready to learn how your insights team can get started?

Book a free 30-minute consult with the Head of our DEI ThinkTank to learn how to future-proof your business with inclusive insights.


Inclusive Insights Advisory.

C Space’s Inclusive Insights Advisory offers a combination of highly actionable, industry-specific training for insights teams, plus additional support to ensure progress is made against your goals. It was developed after multiple clients came to us voicing their needs in this area – and we have since worked with 500+ insights professionals across sectors on their DEI strategy.

As part of the Inclusive Insights Advisory, you’ll receive:

Step One


A quantitative assessment of your team’s starting point, including:

  1. · Mindset Map, a proprietary dynamic segmentation tool that identifies where people are on their DEI journey
  2. · Employee survey
  3. · Employee 1:1 interviews 

A clear understanding of where your insights team is when it comes to bringing a DEI lens to research, so we ensure the most value in steps two and three.

Step Two

Training & Team Charter Development

C Space will facilitate an interactive training with your team about how to make DEI a core part of your market research process, which includes questions to consider, designing inclusive samples, choosing inclusive methodology and incorporating DEI into marketing and creative.

An insights team that is aligned on how to apply a DEI lens to market research and equipped with best practices, as well as a customized team charter with goals and metrics specific to your department: 

  1. · What’s in reach? 
  2. · What are the opportunities? 
  3. · What will have the biggest impact? 
  4. · What can your department commit to? 
  5. · What are your short term & long term goals to drive tangible change? 

Step Three

Consultative Support & Accountability

At least two follow-up sessions with the workshop facilitator to track progress on goals and identify areas of support if needed. 

  1. · What has been successful?
  2. · Any wins to highlight? 
  3. · What hasn’t worked? 
  4. · What are the roadblocks to progress?
  5. · How can we clear them?

Want to learn more? Book a 30-minute consult with DEI ThinkTank.

DEI is not one-size-fits-all – that’s why we’ve designed this solution to start with you and your team and build from there.

Committing to inclusive insight practices takes effort – but it’s worth it.

Here at C Space, we’ve been on our own DEI journey over the past few years. We knew something needed to change, but like many insights professionals, we didn’t have clarity on exactly how to get there.  

So, we committed to figuring it out. 

Since then, we’ve made significant progress. DEI is infused into all of our insight practices and our organization as a whole. 

And now we work with clients like you to help you move forward on your DEI journey – no matter where you’re starting from today. 

Ready to learn how your insights team can get started?

Book a free 30-minute consult with the Head of our DEI ThinkTank to learn how to future-proof your business with inclusive insights.


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