The booming wellness industry should be good news for consumers, right? Wrong.

The global “wellness” industries are in great health, with an estimated value of $10 trillion, but people’s health and wellbeing are in sharp decline. Preventable diseases are rising. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, spiraling costs of healthcare, war in Ukraine and inflation are all taking their toll.

The gap between peoples’ desire to thrive, and the reality of their lived experience has never been wider.

So, what does it take to live well today? What are some of the barriers? And what permission do brands really have to help their customers get better at living?

C Space and Interbrand partnered to answer these questions (and many more) in our Thrive Report. Through meaningful conversations in consumers’ homes and following along on their daily routines, we uncovered the deep human truths that truly matter to your consumer.

Download the report to find out what it really means to thrive, and how brands can play a role in getting consumers there.