Making Healthcare More Human

C Space Health

C Space Health is a Customer Agency. We are agents of the customer, patient, physician, and caregiver inside the healthcare companies they depend on. We’re making healthcare more human by helping companies focus on what really matters to their customers, and on what most effectively drives growth.


We take an outside-in approach.

Different than traditional healthcare research, consulting or advertising approaches, everything we do is from the outside-in – bringing customers, patients, physicians, and caregivers to the center of a company’s business.

Outside In Research

Rather than doing narrow, one-off studies, we keep a constant pulse on the customer – to understand who customers are holistically, what motivates their choices and how our clients can best meet their changing needs.

Outside In Consulting

Instead of offering “expert-led” thinking, our consultants translate customers’ lives into strategies and experiences that align business functions around customers’ needs to produce better decision-making with less risk.

Outside In Communications

From organizational culture change to brand strategy and advertising, our communications are about better connecting customers and companies around win-win propositions — bridging the gap between what companies want vs. what people need.

We deliver Customer Inspired Growth for the world’s leading healthcare brands


Birth Control: Bridging the Patient-Physician Conversation Gap

An innovative pharmaceutical client wanted to erase the communication challenges between women and their physicians related to birth control options. By collaborating with both of these target audiences we were able to create a journey map that identified missed opportunities, gaps in understanding, and lack of available resources. This work was the foundation of solutions that are resulting in more women feeling empowered about their decisions, and healthcare providers feeling like a true partner.

Women’s Sexual Health: Launching the First Drug of its Kind

On the verge of launching a first of its kind product that would stimulate women’s sexual desire, our client was looking for a holistic understanding of their target audiences to approach this launch with empathy and caution. C Space Health created detailed personas that drove empathy and understanding throughout the client organization, and influenced key campaign creative, messaging, and strategies across the business.

Expertise across audiences, product lifecycles, and healthcare industries

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
Ensuring successful product launches: Creating and executing successful product launch strategies rooted in patient and healthcare provider needs. Improving patient adherence with customer intuition:  Addressing adherence issues by collaborating with patients to intimately understand their day-to-day realities. Creating patient-centric support programs: Co-creating support programs with patients to ensure optimal experiences and outcomes. Getting the right message to the right healthcare provider at the right time: Creating messages and methods that drive awareness and action by healthcare providers. Putting patient-centricity at the heart of your organization: Aligning your organization around patient needs, and using those needs to drive business strategy.


Diagnostics & Medical Devices
Ensuring successful product launches: Creating and executing successful product launch strategies rooted in patient and healthcare provider needs. Enhancing the user experience: Increasing understanding of your customers’ user experience, enabling you to identify unmet needs, deliver results through modified designs, and develop new personalized solutions. Inspiring, optimizing and testing new products, services and features: Designing, refining and testing to ensure what you bring to market will meet customer needs. Charting a product road map: Understanding the shifting technological landscape to ensure that your product pipeline delivers on customer demands. Developing a sales strategy: Analyzing your buyer landscape to create a highly targeted and effective sales strategy.
Health Insurance
Developing new, innovative offerings: Collaborating with current and prospective members in ideation, development, and implementation of new products and services ­– to maximize growth and minimize risk. Enhancing the member experience: The rise of customer-centicity and the increase of private options in Europe require a better customer experience to stay competitive. We can map your customer journey, and help strategize which improvements will make the biggest impact. Entering new markets: Understanding the healthcare landscape and your customers’ needs to ensure success in new markets. Putting patient centricity at the heart of your organization: Aligning your organization around patient needs and using those needs to drive business strategy.
Hospitals & Health Systems
Improving the patient experience: Collaborating with patients and providers to help prioritize improvements to every patient touch point – from intake and scheduling to post-treatment support. Innovating new customer inspired services: Working with your customers to effectively prioritize and focus on innovations that will have the biggest impact on patient care. Co-creating new destinations for care: Attract patients who seek a combination of healthcare quality and convenience in different types of care – virtual, ambulatory, destination – and create messaging and services to meet their needs. Building meaningful philanthropist relationships: Design a philanthropic experience by understanding motivations for giving, mapping the philanthropist journey, and creating a road map for internal culture change.

Meet Our Health Experts

Managing Director

Senior Director, Business Development and Strategy


C Space Health has extensive experience and capabilities establishing safeguards to provide private, secure, monitored, controlled, and compliant environments for many of the leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


  • Dedicated Information Security and Safety Compliance teams
  • Standard operating procedures and member agreements for all engagements that cover adverse events, pharmacovigilance, drug safety reporting, product quality complaint reporting, and all other required processes
  • Fully GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, and HIPAA compliant