How can we as insights leaders bring the voices of all customers to the organization?

An easy way to move your team forward on their DEI journey and ensure action and impact.

At C Space, we believe valuable human truths come from all voices and all groups – and smart businesses now recognize DEI’s exciting potential. How are inclusive insights good business? Improved data quality with more representative samples means Better Research. Early feedback on concepts and advertising that miss the mark means Stronger Brands. And expansion opportunities to new markets means New Growth.

So, how can we as insights leaders bring the voices of all customers to the organization? 1) A shift in recruitment strategy and methodology and 2) a commitment from the team to embrace change and think differently. This is where C Space’s Inclusive Insights Immersion comes in.

The three components of C Space’s Inclusive Insights Immersion.

An assessment of where you team is today on their DEI journey, so you can set realistic goals, track progress and point to tangible change.

We’ll survey your team using our proprietary DEI mindset map diagnostic and consult with you on the biggest opportunities the training should address to build a more inclusive research practice.

A non-judgmental, 3-hour interactive training to upskill your team on inclusive best practices across all phases of the research process.

Our team of Inclusive Insights specialists will tailor content to you, covering 1) the positive business impact of focusing on DEI 2) how to address specific barriers researchers face 3) industry best practices 4) case studies highlighting how best practices have been applied successfully.

A shared commitment to progress from your team, and ongoing support from C Space to make it happen.

At the end of the workshop, C Space will facilitate the development of a team charter outlining tangible steps the team is going to take towards progress. Then, we’ll host follow up roundtable discussions to keep you accountable and work through barriers together.


Let’s elevate more voices together.

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Developing more inclusive demographic questions.

Through a series of in-depth interviews and an online community of 300 members who were representative of diverse communities, C Space’s DEI ThinkTank created a guide for researchers and marketers to use when developing demographic questions.