Getting the customer what they want next​

Getting innovation right is crucial for brands to win on two counts​

Incremental Growth​

To make your existing portfolio work harder for your bottom line

Market Disruption​

To anticipate changes ahead of competition and launch new products and services that outperform the market​

…But innovation  doesn’t always work

It usually doesn’t, actually. While estimates vary, most sources agree that 80-95% of innovations fail in market. Why?

Waterfall development and the stage-gate process were supposed to weed out the bad ideas, and catch implementation errors before they made it to market. But they didn’t. 

Iterative agile approaches go some of the way to fixing this – ‘failing fast’ along the way to improve the quality of launched ideas. But even some of those ideas fail. 

Innovation will always carry risk, but we think: 

  • agile can get a whole lot better
  • the customer can contribute far more to innovation than acceptance-testing
  • customers would completely reboot innovation, if you let them. This is how…

Our solve: Agile Customer-Centric Development

We think three ingredients make innovation successful

Find facts
in feelings

Businesses don’t make rational decisions, and neither do customers. We continually seek to identify, measure and integrate emotion within our innovation process.

Understand what people do, feel and need and identify new growth opportunities

Qual: Private online community, Ethnographic research, Semiotics, Behavioural Science, Customer Journeys.
Quant: Max Diff, Conjoint, Van Westendorp, Gabor Granger, Prediction Market.
Social: Social listening & sentiment tracking.
Data: AI driven data synthesis, Predictive analytics, Story hacking, Data integration.
Secondary: Benefit space mapping, Expert interviews and roundtables.

Co-create to drive change

We know that collaboration breeds belief and leads to better ideas. Co-creation with customers and employees is the key to inspiring lasting innovation and change.

Co-create the solution to put in place in order to give people what they need.

Face-to-face co-creation: Big talk, Hackathon, Sprints.
Remote and f2f co-creation: Miro workshop, Big talk, Hackathon, Sprints.
Online co-creation: Open innovation, Online expert engagement, Online employee community.
Prototyping: Mobile, web, UX.UI, pack (2D/3D), retail mock-ups, service mock-ups, virtual models, appearance models, SLS/SLA, proof of principle, POC, MVP.

Calculate and embrace risk

All innovation comes with risk. We embrace risk as part of our process by modelling the different scenarios and outcomes for your new proposition to ensure you can make the right decision.

Make sure the business is bought in the solution, and acts upon it.

Forecast & predictions: Market sizing, Price modelling, Monte Carlo Simulation and Risk Modelling, Business Case Evaluation, ROI Analysis, Outcomes (NPS, Satisfaction, purchase intent, etc.), Driver Analysis.

Our work covers five main areas … informed by 20 years of experience/commercial impact

1/ Proposition Development

We map the market, gather trends, uncover latent needs, and bring your business together with your future customer to create new propositions.

In parallel we channel organisational knowledge & commitment around customer-centric ideas.

We invented the Store of the Future for Tesco.

HMD Global: We helped Nokia to launch the right product (the most successful Asian launch in history).

2/ Agile Prototyping

We take ideas from concept to reality and iteratively improve them with continuous customer input: service design, digital UI/UX, product visuals, experience mock-ups etc.

We know that learning by making works, and gets you to working MVPs, fast.

For IKANO and iptiQ/Swiss Re we created and prototyped HEMSÄKER, a groundbreaking new IKEA home insurance product.

Diageo: We designed packaging routes for Blossom Hill with real shelf-pop.

3/ Opportunity Validation

We model the future potential of an opportunity set, optimise pricing and define the best mix of features for customer appeal.

This drives business confidence around the right proposition, the right feature-mix, and the right pricing strategy to deliver a robust business case.

Helping DIAGEO get the format right for a new whisky category.

Inventing the loyalty system of the future for GHA.

4/ Innovation Sprints

We call them C Sprints.

They’re like Google Sprints, except they place the customer at the centre of the process, and avoid all the usual pitfalls, like ‘lock in’ and ‘dilution’.

C Sprints increase stakeholder commitment around tangible customer-centric concepts. We used to do them all f2f, now we can do them remotely (in many ways they’re better!).

We co-created the Colgate Plaqless Pro, launched at CES 2020.

We created visions for the future of entertainment and connectivity for Liberty Global.

5/ End-to-end Innovation

We develop ownable and stretchy propositions that represent strong potential return; then we create and optimise MVPs, before hard launch.

Working closely with you to anticipate market changes and program risks, we get from whitespace to market-place in half the time, with twice the success.

We helped Moleskine crack the UK market.

We created a brand-new class of luxury air travel for Etihad.

Get in touch!

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