We build meaningful, ongoing relationships that translate to deep insights.

One of the strongest capabilities in our Relationship Thinking approach is the digital community.

Lots of providers have emerged in recent years claiming to offer online communities. But, in reality, most are panels or other more transactional digital spaces for connecting with customers.

These platforms have a place in the research puzzle but are very different from the experience and value of a C Space community.

The unique value of our C Space communities are the deep insights uncovered through the meaningful, ongoing relationships that we build — both between brand / customer relationship and the relationships community members build with each other.

Our communities are built around the tenets that create strong and lasting relationships. Relationships take time, they are messy, and they evolve!

We provide a dedicated team with 20+ years of recruiting experience plus a deep and diverse bench of partnerships, included in your C Space contract, means we can reach more audiences than any individual supplier.

Traditional Panels

Data Points

The What

C Space Communities

Ongoing & Iterative

The What + The Why

We’re resolving the biggest issues within the market research online community space.

Elevating data quality

Poor data quality leads to incorrect conclusions or ineffective strategies.

At C Space, our recruitment approaches are purposefully diversified to reach niche and under-represented populations with quality always top-of-mind.

Engaging the right audience

Research doesn’t go as planned with inability to find and meaningfully engage niche and global audiences.

At C Space, we provide full-service recruitment inclusive of consulting, campaign creations, deployment, screening, high degree of quality checks and onboarding of participants.

Embedding DEI

Ignoring certain populations or markets in research leads to missed opportunity. 

At C Space, DEI ThinkTank is a global C Space team embedded through recruitment, research design / reporting and participant engagement to reframe our work through the lens of DEI.


Developing more inclusive demographic questions.

Through a series of in-depth interviews and an online community of 300 members who were representative of diverse communities, C Space’s DEI ThinkTank created a guide for researchers and marketers to use when developing demographic questions. 

The C Space community in action.

Today, we’re running over 270 online communities and more than 85% of our community ecosystems operate in more than one language and more than one market.

24/7 rapid insight

With C Space, your community is always on and can expand to meet your growing needs – so you can access deep levels of insight to help inform tactical and strategic questions, at speed and over time.

Innovative tools

Your C Space partnership gives you access to cutting-edge, tech-enabled tools that translate to more actionable data at speed to keep you ahead of the curve.

Higher engagement

In order to keep customers engaged and providing the quality insights you need, we offer a seamless, well-crafted experience for all participants in our communities.

Expert facilitators

The human aspects of community building are more important than ever, which is why we have trained facilitators and a full-service team as a part of every C Space engagement.

It’s not a focus group where you speak to people once. You’re getting a considered answer and multiple points of input. 

Senior Insight Director, Orange


The practitioner’s guide to online insight communities.

Whether you’re an experienced user or a newcomer, this buyer’s guide to online insight communities and how to make the most of them is a must.