Why Generation C(ovid) matters to brands and our world.

Our latest study explores Gen C, the teenagers in their critical developmental years during the pandemic. Learn how Covid indelibly shaped and changed this group’s worldview, values, habits and preferences – and ways your brand can connect with this key segment.

Meet Gen C(ovid).

Consider everything that mattered to you when you were a teenager: the need to be more independent, to rebel, to explore the world, to experiment and be adventurous, to focus more on friends, to party, to dream. 

And then, imagine that right at that time in your life, you were required to stay home, wear a mask, attend school online and skip many of the experiences that shape the journey to adulthood.  

Our hypothesis that Covid shaped this group, separating it from Gen Zers, led us to survey over 1,000 teens across the country and conduct in-depth interviews with 32 teens and 12 parents in partnership with Sago. You’ll find the research results and key findings in this report, which delves into the depths of Gen C’s psyche, exploring the pandemic’s lasting influence on people’s life choices, behaviors and aspirations. 

Download the Gen C Report:

Tips for how your brand can connect with Generation C(ovid) to drive growth.

A new study uncovers what drives the young people who stepped into their formative years amid the tumult of the pandemic. Download the report to discover…

  • How the pandemic has influenced Gen C’s life choices, behaviors and aspirations
  • The defining characteristics of Gen C (and how they are distinct from Gen Z)
  • 5 ways brands can connect with Gen C – and grow
Meet Generation C(ovid): A New Report from C Space

The reality is that every brand (yes, our competition) is fighting to win with today’s young adults. The risk is that it’s too late by the time they act. Studies like this help us get a competitive edge by understanding  who’s next and how their unique experiences require tailored strategies and executions.

Kyle Papanikolas, US Strategic Insights, McDonald’s

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