Our team of experts are with you at every step, offering effective solutions and customer-driven innovations that drive impact.

You get an account team of strategic thinkers who understand your industry, brand and services – and bring extensive customer insights skills and perspectives to the work at hand. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and discover, ideate and create with you to develop a purpose-driven customer strategy.

Equally important, we ensure you’re reaching the right audiences and applying the right approaches, so you can spend more time driving impact within your business.

We’ve worked with many consultants, but no one has understood our culture and processes faster than C Space.

VP, Service Solutions & CX, Breg

We’re trusted by the best brands to create deep, iterative connections with the diverse audiences our clients serve. 

We transform volumes of qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights at speed.

You get the industry’s most creative methodology cocktail. We mix curious qualies and expert quants to get to deeper human truths and translate insights into narratives that make your brand more competitive.

The unique value of C Space Community is the deep insights uncovered through the meaningful, ongoing relationships we build — both brand / customer relationships and the relationships Community Members build with each other.

We approach qualitative insights by engaging with customers as whole people rather than data points. We then marry that with the rigor of quantitative insights, folding in behavioral and attitudinal data to unleash the full power and potential of research.

We deliver customer-inspired solutions faster from real Community Members who participate as brand strategy consultants.

C Space Community Members are not panelists. Many providers have emerged claiming to offer Online Communities but operate more as transactional spaces with strangers.

Our dedicated team of insight community experts screen and recruit high-quality Community Members from around the world, with our DEI ThinkTank embedded throughout the process to ensure all voices are heard, including historically underserved populations, to open new avenues of revenue for our clients.

With C Space and Escalent’s Community expertise, you get 24/7 access to invested customers who give you the insights and competitive edge your business needs across industries including health and life sciences, financial services, retail and technology.

For a brand that’s only looking at transactional data, it’s quite easy to be replaceable. If you want to get to deeper insights and have real, authentic customer relationships who inspire solutions and products that are truly relevant, you need to get into the why.

Global Insights Manager, IKEA

You get award-winning deliverables that fuel customer innovation.

Our Creatives apply a variety of mediums to customer insights, teleporting real human beings and real emotion to the boardroom to win buy-in from the C-suite.

Insights are only as valuable as the impact and action they inspire. But don’t take our word for it:

Ask employees from CPG company McCormick & Company about our “Flavor the Moment” immersive experience.

Ask the entire US Marketing team at fast food giant McDonald’s about how we brought them closer to a key consumer target through a professionally produced TV series.

Ask healthcare provider Mayfair Diagnostics how we co-created an outstanding patient experience that turned into a world-class imaging clinic (not the other way around).

Simply put, we build the tools that move insight to impact.

Power your business growth with C Space Online Community.

Get customer-inspired solutions faster to develop a purpose-driven strategy that delivers impact.

Tap into an agile customer insight platform built for engagement.

Shiny new tech tools are great, and we’ve got dozens of them. But what sets C Space’s insight community technology apart is the team of pros who employ it for a higher cause: Meeting customers where they are for real engagement and delivering better customer insights in days, not weeks.

Our Insight Community platform is built as a more inclusive, accessible and engaging participant experience that removes friction and lets your customers participate on their own terms, guaranteeing data quality at the highest level.

C Space is constantly innovating to add value to our clients’ businesses, and that includes AI. AI tools and technologies can boost efficiency, create new solutions and tide over human bias and errors. But there’s a reason they’re called “co-pilots” not “auto-pilots.” We believe AI is additive, not duplicative, of research expertise and skills, so rest assured that we never lose sight of the need for the nuanced understanding only humans can provide.

Living up to our Online Community promise every day boils down to trust. We know what works. We know what doesn’t. And we never stop evolving to help your business grow.

Let’s talk about your customer insights needs.

Get 24/7 access to invested customers who give you the competitive edge your business needs through C Space Online Communities.

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